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 Adopt an Organization Program

Benefits with Program  

Basic Plan (12 months)

1.  Name and or Logo of the organization on the 2021 Sponsor page.   See below for details.  

2.  On the Thank You page, pick one of the four links to honor someone or an organization.  

3.  Logo at the top of the Tourism and Stakeholder sites, where applicable.

4.  Logo will appear on the state trip planning pages that apply.   

5.  Name with link under the state on page/s that apply on the Tourism and Stakeholder Sites. 

Premium Plan (6 or 12 months)

6. If applicable, twitter account will go on the @astctour Adopt an Organization pinned list.  

7.  If applicable, twitter account will go on one or more @astctour Lists.

8.  If applicable, Logo will be placed on one or more locations on the Twitter Trip Planning page.

9.  If applicable, content will be added to our YouTube Sponsors Channel, and playlists that apply.

10.  If applicable, content will be added to flicker under Sponsored and other albums that apply.

11.  Social Media feed will show on the Tourism and or Stakeholder site.  See below for details. 

12.  A post will be created in the annual Sponsors thread.

13.  Priority to post events and promotions on calendar/s.

14.  Priority with social media by helping generate content.  ASTC is not on FB and Instagram.  

15.  Priority to visit with promotions, or help with a press release.

16.  Priority to help with public events, or community service projects.

17.  Priority with topics and advice in monthly zoom meetings.

18.  Initial report of what we did, and later quarterly updates of services provided to all parties.  


Basic Sponsorship

Single Payment of,  

                           $100 that covers 1-5.  This is good for 12 months.  

Premium Sponsorship

Single Payment of,

                           $234 that covers 1-18.  $39/month for 6 months.

                           $348 that covers 1-18.  $29/month for 12 months.


                           $174 that covers 1-18.  $29/month for 6 months.  

                           $228 that covers 1-18.  $19/month for 12 months.


Please consider the following

If you, the Adopter are not happy with the services that the organization is receiving, please let ASTC know and we will refund you the months that have not passed.

All Adopters are anonymous.  

During the check out process, you may pick the date the 6 or 12 months begins.  We recommend it is at least 1-2 weeks in the future.  This will give us time, and for you to get the most bang for your buck.


The plans will begin on the dates you select and end on the last day of the month.  If you adopt an organization on April 4, 2021, then on April 30, 2022 the 12 months will be over. 

ASTC will not turn down any organization with this program.  We hope to be a positive influence.  However, ASTC may elect to not renew if the organization appears not to be sustainable.  At the conclusion of every service term ASTC may remove their content from this site.

See our Sustainable Tourism page to learn more about ASTC, or contact us to learn more.

Basic Plan

1.  Sponsor page:  The Organization's name/logo will appear on our annual Sponsor page.  For more information on becoming a sponsor, please see our become a sponsor page.  This is ASTC's first year, so the Sponsors page and the 2021 Sponsors page is the same.  

At the conclusion of your term, the Logo will not be taken off our site page/s unless the organization is not seen as sustainable.  If there is no renewal, as more organizations are sponsored the logo may be removed if the page is becoming too busy.  

Premium Plan

8.  Social Media feed will show up on a rotating weekly bases on the Tourism Events & Activities Home page starting Mon-Sun.  There will be a anchor at the top of the page that will drop the viewer to the bottom to the social media feed.


Flickr, Daily Motion, Twitter, Pineterest, RSS Feed, Vimeo, YouTube, and Tumblr are what we use.  Also, there is the option to have the same or a different social feed on at least one of the 7 category landing pages.  These too will rotate.

Annual Events Calendar.  RecreationOutdoorsMotorizedCultureFood/RestOutfitters

As more organizations are sponsored, your organization will need to share time with others.  As these 7 categories get more busy, we many need to take the social media feed to one of the 50 topics.  Those with the most seniority or the 12 month plan will stay.

The Stakeholder site has several options to host a social media feed.  Such examples include, AppalachiaSustainable.  Tourism.  Collaboration.    


This sponsorship only applies to organizations that are found in distressed counties or distressed areas that have been classified by the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC). 

This also applies to organizations found outside these areas that help distressed regions.

Essentially, if you are a for-profit in Eastern TN, or Western NC you may not be eligible for this program.  

Please see the Adopt an Organization Program Info page for more details.

ASTC does not require organizations to pay to have their content on this site.  We endeavor to put as much information as possible because we want tourists and stakeholders to be more informed.       

Here is a demonstration initial report that will be emailed separately to both parties.

Please read our Terms of Use page if interested in more clarification.

After you begin the program, we will send you an online form.

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