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Initial Report of Sponsored Organization 

   0. File on the organization.  Complete.

  1. Amount:  $348, paid in full.
  2. Distressed County or Area:  Grayson County, VA (Nearly half of county is distressed).
  3. Contact:  Mr. X.  Best way to contact:  email address.  

  4. Date got in touch with Mr. X:  08JAN2020.

  5. Name of Organization:  Mt. Rogers AT Club.

  6. Length:  12 months.

  7. Notes:   

  8. Initial report emailed to both parties: 08JAN2020

Initial report emailed to sponsor and organization on 08JAN2020.

1.  Name and or logo of the organization on the 2021 Sponsor page.  



2.  Logo was placed in the Volunteer option on the 2021 Hall of Fame.

With text box with their mission and duties. 


3.  Logo at the top page/s that apply on Tourism and Stakeholder pages.  

 Put on the long hike page.

Put on the Voluntourism page

Put on the Collaboration category page.


4.  Logo on each state trip planning page that applies.


5.  Name of org. with link,

Tourism:  Hiking/Long Hikes, and Voluntourism

Stakeholder:  Community Involvement   

6th month or 12th month program benefits below.

6.  Twitter account put on the on the @astctour Adopt an Organization pinned list. 

7.   Twitter account put on the Hiker and Voluntourism @astctour lists.

8.  Name and or Logo on the Twitter Trip planning page.

9.  No channels was found to be put on the Sponsored Channel lists.

     One great video was found to go on the Sponsored Playlists, but video does not allow the save feature to link to our playlists.  Also, comments are disabled.

10.  Album was created on flicker and put in the 2021 sponsored collection.

11.  Twitter feed put up on Tourism Home page.  Twitter Feed put on Recreation page. 

12. Tourists Forum sub-forum set up.

13.  We will be at the ready to post events on calendar/s.

14.  Priority with social media by helping generate content. 

15.  Priority to visit their promotions, public events, or community service projects. 

16.  Priority to help with public events, or community service projects. 

17.  Priority with topics and advice in monthly zoom meetings.

18.  Initial report of what we did, and later quarterly updates of services provided to all parties. 


Initial report emailed to sponsor and organization on 08JAN2020.

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