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Become a Sponsor

Benefits For Sponsors  


1.  Logo with a link to one of the 9 sub pages that belongs to the Sponsor page on the menu bar.  Examples include,

$100, $250, $500, $750, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000, $7,500, $10,000. 


Note, organizations do not need to provide financial support to appear on the Sponsors page. See below for more details.  

The link can be anything you like.  Contact us if you need the link to be changed.  Beside the logo can be 1-3 boxes that shows a program, event, or promotion (or whatever).  Please provide 1-3 boxes as attachments in your email to ASTC.  Below is an example of a logo and one box to see the smallest size the logo and box can be on the pages.  It may be bigger if there are no other sponsors present.    


You may also just have one large rectangle box that takes up the length of the page.

2.  At the end of the year, the 9 sub pages will become one.  This will be the annual Sponsor year, and will be archived with a link at the top left of the Sponsors page.  Let us know if you would like us to go back and change your logo if your brand has changed.  We can also go back and change the link if you change your website.  If you provide the images and links we will change the 1-3 boxes to the right of the Logo. 

3.  If your organization becomes a Sponsor in the month of December, you will be on the annual Sponsors page for two years. 

4.  On the first week of the following year, ASTC's most important Sponsors will remain on the Sponsors page.  This will most likely be about 10-20 sponsors to prevent the page from being too busy.  Each year this will be updated.  We will let you know in the fall so that you can prepare an image with a link that best suits your needs.  Of course, this can be changed at anytime.  

5.  In the Thank You page (Hall of Fame), we have four links for you to pick from.  You may pick only one to add your organization or the name of the person you would like to honor.  This would be great for someone who is fixin to retire.  However, the dollar amount will not be shown next to their names for the Contributors, Stewards, and Volunteers.  On the Contributors, Stewards, and Volunteers pages, instead of a Logo with 1-3 boxes, there is the option to have your own text box.  For example,




Names and organizations in the Financial Supporter, ASTC Contributors, Stewards, and Volunteers will not be changed once archived, unless a strong argument is made.

All 4 sub pages will be combined to make the annual Hall of Fame page.  On the top left of the Hall of Fame page will be the link.

Unlike the Sponsors page, The Hall of Fame will refresh on the first week of January.  

If your organization elects the Financial Supporters option, and it is received in the month of December, you will be in the Hall of Fame for two years. 

6.  If you have your own YouTube channel we will add it to our annual Sponsors Channel.  We will also add any videos you desire to go into our annual Sponsors playlist.

7.  If you have your own flickr account or would like to share pictures with us, we will create an album and put it in the correct annual Collection.

8.  If you like, you will have your own thread in a annual Sponsor Sub-forum.  These threads will never be closed. 

9.  The @ASTC_LLC twitter feed has a annual Sponsor list that will reset every year.

Requirements For Sponsors  

Any organization on the planet that promotes sustainable economic development, helps others reach their potential, helps sustainable tourism, or helps with cultural/resource conservation may be a Sponsor.


If your organization was picked up in the Adopt an Organization Program

     This can be from the Basic Plan, or Premium Plan.

Please read over the three links below to see if you are a good fit with ASTC.  Organizations that are not seen as sustainable will be told that they will not be eligible to be a sponsor for future years.  We will not remove your logo or forum thread from the respected years.  We do not cancel the past, instead we reflect upon the past.  However, at the end of the 6 or 12 months we may remove your logo and links from the Toursim and Stakeholder sites

See how ASTC views sustainable tourism, and then offer us feedback, and your view.

Read about what ASTC is exited about, and then tell us what you are exited about.

Look at how ASTC sees 3rd party certifications and join the discussion.  

If you would like to become a Sponsor, ASTC would like to meet you in person to better understand your interests and vision.  

Contact us, and then we will send you a online-form to help start the process.


The Sponsors menu bar will display one of the 9 sub pages after someone has financially supported ASTC in a specific price range.  For example,

Sponsors may show up on the Sponsors page without any financial support.  This could be an organization that works with ASTC to accomplish their 2021 Goals and its mission and vision.   

The twitter feeds shown on the Tourism and Stakeholder sites are reserved for the Adopt and Organization program.  This may change later.

Please see our Privacy Policy to better understand how ASTC conducts itself.

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