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Clinch Ranger District Region


ASTC will put boots on the ground here first to further help diversify the rural economy.

The President of ASTC knows this region better compared to others in the 5 state service area.

In the summer of 2020, he completed a 400 hour internship with the Clinch Ranger District.  He completed trail asset inventory on nearly all of the trails and developed a rapport with the US Forest Service employees.  He also grew up on the Virginia side of the Region.

ASTC has a US Forest Service Outfitter Guide permit for the District.

Enter other permits

We have networked with the following list of organizations to better serve you.  

The Trip Planning Form will help us understand how engaged you would like to be within the Federal Public Domain Lands of the Region.  Do not worry if most of the things you would like to do are outside the Ranger District.

The Region,

KY:  Parts of Harlan, Letcher, and Pike Counties.

TN:  Kingsport

VA:  Parts of Lee, Scott, Wise, Dickenson, and Buchanan Counties.  

WV:  Matewan, and Williamson


The origins of the District come from the 1911 Weeks Act.  We are 85 years removed from the District's inception.  We were very lucky to have such a large resource to call upon as the need for economic diversity grew quickly in the late 20th century.      

The mild winter season allow for visitors 12 months a year. 

Most mountain ridges are around 3,000 feet (914 meters).

The irregular clusters of public domain land make for a very large region to explore.  

The Region is strong for outdoor adventures, ecotourism, and Appalachian history. 

The Ranger District is great for hiking, nature, and access to small towns.

The District does not have down hill skiing, or large lakes for motorboating. 

The closes large city is Kingsport, TN (54 minutes/estimated pop. 54,000).   

See our list of 3rd party organizations who we have collaborated with.

See our active Twitter List for the Clinch Ranger District Region.

If you see CRDRT next to a link on our Tourism Site, then it's in the Region.    

Learn more about District Planning, Policy, and Issues.  
See our Voluntourism page to look for any work hikes within the District.  

3-5% of all sales revenue goes into the Clinch Ranger District for Resource Conservation. 

Getting Started

1.  Check the ASTC Tour Calendar and see if the day/s you like are available.

2.  Look over the Tour fees.

3.  Complete the Clinch Ranger District Region Tour form.  Be as descriptive as possible.  We will then reserve your dates on the ASTC Tour Calendar.

4.  Complete our Basic Medical Questionnaire. 


5.  See our Travel Specialists page if you need help booking your tour.

6. We will e-mail you a rough outline of your trip, and an estimated price.   

We may recommend Travel Specialists, Guides, and Stakeholders if they can help.  

7.  Here is where ASTC service fees begin. 

If you would like to further collaborate on the trip with ASTC, there is a 25% deposit on the estimated price required.  Once payment is received the ASTC Tour Calendar will be changed to reflect that a trip will take place.  

8.  (Optional) Conduct an in person or web meeting to better plan the trip.

If applicable, we will have Travel Specialists, Guides, and Stakeholders present to better create your trip.  Additional phone calls and zoom meetings may be needed depending upon how epic the Tour will be.

9.    Once the trip itinerary is complete, full payment will be needed before the tour begins.  Ideally, the trip will be finalized 7 days before it takes place. 

10.  Once in country you will be given a tailored welcome packet. 

Remember, with ASTC Tours you are responsible for booking goods and services online yourself.

If you would like help with this, please see our Travel Specialists page.


See our Tours page for a demonstration on the Calendar.

The Clinch Ranger District Tour is called, "Clinch Ranger District Tour 01."

Work Hikes within the District are labeled brown, "Clinch Ranger District Work Hike 01"

Parking, camping, and other fees are included with the Tour, if within the Clinch Ranger District.

We hope to help make a great trip with you!  Thanks for reading.  

3rd Party Services

CRD Partners
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