Support online collaboration by...

Finding activities and events to go on the Tourism and Stakeholder sites.

Explaining your vision for your community on Zoom meetings.

Helping a Trip Planner with their vacation plans on the Tourists Sub-Forum.

Helping a Tourists in need by replying on Twitter.


sustainable tourism by... 

Reading how ASTC views sustainable tourism, and then offering us feedback, and your view.

Reading about what ASTC is exited about, and then telling us what you are exited about.

Looking at 3rd party certifications and what they mean, and joining the discussion.  

Finding ways to generate a Regional Trail Crew or Trail Crews for our region.

Networking with Entrepreneurs near you to create value innovations.  

your community by...

Meeting new people, learning skills, teaching skills, and giving back.

Adopting your favorite organization.

Generating traction and exposure with a community service project.  

Going to a town meeting and having your voice heard and vision seen.

Becoming a online Member and start forming your own networking Groups.


our Sponsors by... 

Looking over their websites, learning more, and getting involved.

yourself by...

Finding Volunteer opportunities to explore possible career interests.

Interning with ASTC  to further develop skills needed for your new career.


ASTC by...

Joining us in our drive for five 2021 Goals.

Creating a Logo in hopes of it becoming ASTC's brand.    

Looking over The Hall of Fame and letting us know who should make the list.  

Looking over our sustainability reporting and giving us feedback.

Giving us recommendations by completing our stakeholder form.

Creating sales revenue with financial support.

Volunteering with us for our first year of branding and networking.

Visiting our flickr group to help us gather photos.


Thank you for your supporting sustainable tourism in Appalachia!