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Hand Crafted Tours   

These Tours will take place within our general 5 state service area

Because this is a 112 county area, there are many areas we are unfamiliar with, and do not have Guiding permits.


Hand Crafted Tours are more about bringing down constraints that prevent you from touring.  We will collaborate with local organizations to help you have a epic Tour. 


ASTC does not sell travel, so either you or a Travel Specialist will do the booking for Hand Crafted Tours.  Hand Crafted Tours are best suited for someone who has never been to this part of the continent, will be here for at least 3 days, wants 24 hour on the ground customer service, and likes to plan their own trips, but just needs logistical support to carry out the plan.       

Steps to complete your Hand Crafted Tour  

1.  Check the ASTC Tour Calendar and see if the days you like are available.

2.  Look over the Tour fees

3.  Complete the Hand Crafted Planning Form.  Be as descriptive as possible.  We will then reserve your dates on the ASTC Tour Calendar.   


4.  Complete our Basic Medical Questionnaire   

5.  See our Travel Specialists page if you need help booking your tour.

6. You will e-mail ASTC a rough outline of your trip, and an estimated price.   

7.  Here is where ASTC service fees begin. 

If you would like to further collaborate on the trip with ASTC, there is a 25% deposit on the estimated price required.  Once payment is received the ASTC Tour Calendar will be changed to reflect that a trip will take place.  

8.  (Optional) Conduct an in person or web meeting to better plan the trip.

If applicable, we will have Travel Specialists, Guides, and Stakeholders present to better create your trip.  There may be additional phone calls and zoom meetings depending upon how epic the Tour will be.

9.  Once the trip itinerary is complete, full payment will be needed before the tour begins.  Ideally, the trip will be finalized 7 days before it takes place.  


See our Tours page for a demonstration on the Calendar.

The Hand Crafted Tour is called, "Team Discovery-Channel."

Fees and Policy for Handcrafted Tours




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