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For 2023, there will not be any employees or interns.

ASTC will spend much of 2023 working on our annual Goals, generating content on Twitter, our Tourism and Stakeholder sites, networking, and developing our brand.  

ASTC will also help you find the right organization to help you with your needs and goals. 

Please complete our stakeholder form to get started.


Name with link to bio page.

Insert position title (Social Media Moderator)

(Name of organization or person you are volunteering in honor of)


Name with link to bio page.

Insert position title (Tourism Activities & Events Moderator)

(name of organization you represent).

ASTC's Internship program is not accepting applications. 


Shuttle Drivers:  Those who drop you and or your gear off, and or pick you up.

Guides:  Help you with Logistical Support, Companion Travel, and V.I.P. Networking. 

Travel Specialist:  Collaborates with you, and creates Tours.

Trail Coordinator:  Collaborates with stakeholders in our Appalachian Region.   


Tourism Site/Social Media Manager:  Helps inform tourists.

Stakeholder Site/Social Media Manager:  Helps inform stakeholders.

Executive Director:  Oversees hiring, firing, maintaining records, compliance, and other administrative duties.    


President:  Creates short and long-term goals, presides over the workforce, managing budgets, ensuring the proper allocation of resources, and ensures all goals are met.  

Travis Stanley 


Service Guies
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