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4th Quarterly Report. 2021. Appalachia Sustainable Tourism Collaboration, LLC

ASTC 4th Quarter Report. 2021

Even though ASTC is an LLC, we are not in competition with others. Our legal structure does not require us to be transparent with stakeholders, but our value innovation prevents us from hiding information from others. ASTC becomes stronger when stakeholders better understand the atmospherics, and economic development potential of tourism, particularly nature based tourism in our 5 state service area.

Our primary objective for 2021 is to network and develop our brand while making our 3 websites more robust,

ASTC Home. 89 visits over a 90 day period.

Touring Events & Activities. 75 visits over a 90 day period.

Stakeholders 80 visits over a 90 day period.

Press Release



There was a major transition with this quarter. The President decided to go out and get temporary jobs to support the LLC.

This allowed him to work with the Southern Appalachian Wilderness Stewards with a project located in the Tellico Ranger District of the Cherokee National Forest. The location was the approach trail to the Bald River Gorge Wilderness.

The rest of the quarter was spent working on adding things to the websites here and there, spending time on twitter, and continuing to improve networking with LinkedIn.

After having issues with the registered agent, instead of taking the trouble to find a new one, the decision was made in the closing days of December to dissolve the LLC. The problem is that this is e-commerce, so there is no brick and mortar store, but the WV Business Portal demands this line to be completed, so 12 months ago the decision was made to put the registered agent’s store address as the primary business location. The registered agent did not notice this when we agreed to do business and when business papers were exchanged. Infact, their excuse was that they assumed the LLC would find a store front and just change the address within the year. We don’t believe this, and found this to be very unprofessional. But, it will save the LLC nearly $600 in expenses by downsizing the websites, removing a P.O. Box, and eliminating a registered agent. This call to dissolve the LLC status actually agrees with our 2-5 year strategic plan that was created back in the summer.

There were two familizaration trips during this Quarter.

One to Tornado, WV to see The Coal River Group, and the other to Mullens, WV to see the Rural Appalachian Improvement League, Inc.

Our 2022 Goals will be discuess in the 2022 1st quarter report.

The Coal River Group. The president was able to network with Bill Currey and better understand the situation and tourism potential in the Coal River watershed. Much was learned.

RAILWV. The president was able to network with Dewey Houck and Anna Pauley and now better understands the situation and tourism potential in the Guyandotte River watershed and Wyoming County. Much was learned. Wyoming connects Beckely to the New River Gorge and the Hatfield-McCoy trails thanks to the new 121 Coalfields Expressway.

Current Events

New plant promising 2,500 jobs for southwest Virginia

Appalachian Regional Commission comes to St. Paul

WV counties plan for non-motorized trail for biking, hiking.

The Mercer County Commission recently passed a resolution for the Southern West Virginia Non-Motorized Trail Authority which now includes Raleigh County.

We will continue to push the agenda that we are on the verge of a huge change in our Coal Country service areas. Smith sees West Virginia 'on the cusp of greatness' with entrepreneurship.

Gov. Justice: West Virginia top 10 for highest GDP growth in nation

The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) has awarded $209,590 to the Heart of Appalachia Tourism Authority for the development of the Three River Destination Center in St. Paul. Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA) issued the following statement:

Outdoor Recreation Act could benefit West Virginia tourism

​Broad outdoor recreation coalition calls on Congress to pass first-ever recreation package

Manchin, Barrasso Introduce Bipartisan Outdoor Recreation Bill

Appalachia Made Company Secures Funding from Wing 2 Wing Ventures and L37 Ventures to Expand Operations in Williamson, West Virginia and Beyond.

Carter leaders meet with state tourism officials on Tweetsie Trail expansion

In the county’s proposal, the property would be used to extend the Tweetsie Trail from its current ending point on Hatcher Lane to Hampton and to the Hampton Watershed Mountain Bike Trail. Once the project is completed and linked up with the existing trail, cyclists and pedestrians would be able to use it to travel from Johnson City to Hampton.

Feud’s over – ATVs win in Coal Country

“West Virginia is rapidly becoming the center of the ATV world,” boasts the Beckley-based Southern West Virginia tourism office.

ASTC Community Service

None. Was working with Southern Appalachian Wilderness Stewards on Public Domain Land

New Sponsors


Financial Supports

The president found employment at Southern Appalachian Wilderness Stewards.

New ASTC Contributors


New ASTC Interns

Internship Program. No Interns. No interest shown.

This is cx for the next 2-5 years.

ASTC’s 5 Goals for 2021

Logo Submissions:

No submissions. Click here for more details

Help Facilitate a Regional Trail Crew/s:

Was able to network more on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Adopt an Organization:


Entrepreneur Incubator:

We did not have anyone reach out to us for a free consultation. We did add many twitter accounts to the List, and added a few links to the Information and Calendar page.

We are now on the Business Link website under Resources! Even though ASTC will no longer be a LLC, we will still be on their website. Excellent.

Tourism and Social Media


Might have followed a couple of sites.


Although we had created this account in early 2021, the president started to connect with some accounts and improved the ASTC page. This has proved a good use of time. The president has nearly 500 connections. Plus, the organization page created (ASTC) is picking up more followers too, 73


We did not pick up any new subscribers. We are currently at 9. Only a few channels and videos were added to our featured channels and our playlists.


We actually have 2 Twitter accounts. One has a list of accounts for the 65 topics on our Tourism Site, plus a few others to help with trip planning. In time that will be how we communicate with tourists who need help on the fly once we get employees.

The main twitter account is how we communicate to the world.

Twitter followers recruitment has hit a saturation point. We only added roughly 50+ the entire season.

Followers: We ended the quarter with 466 followers.

ASTC Blogs

Service Reviews

Clinch Life Outfitters, Inc Review

A glimpse into tourism economy succession in our 5 state service area: KY, NC, TN, VA, WV

The Many Problems with Critical Race Theory

Entrepreneur Incubator Blogs

ASTC Forums

We did not have any activity in our forums. We picked up zero online members

ASTC Groups

No Groups were requested to be started.

Tourism Site

Links were added here and there.

No calendar events were added due to the new focus on temporary employment.

75 visits over a 90 day period.

Stakeholder Site

Links were added here and there.

No calendar events were added due to the new focus on temporary employment.

80 visits over a 90 day period.



Not having a brick and mortar office, the carbon footprint of ASTC is extremely low.

We did not volunteer for any improvements to the environment.


ASTC should be considered a Chamber of Commerce for 112 counties. We find organizations and put their links on over 65 pages on our Tourism site. We also help entrepreneurs by being transparent with what we did to create our LLC, and with offering free consultations.


The president helped improve the hiking experience for tourists at the Bald River Falls.

In addition the stakeholder site continues to be worked on to include policy issues and resources. It would be great to list events on the calendars and spend time promoting them, but there is not enough time in the day.

Final Thoughts

We are happy with the 4th Quarter. Funding was received to supply the websites for years to come. The president was able to improve his trail building skills (stone work) greatly, and network with others and organizations.

A lot of networking happened with LinkedIn.

The familizartion trips with The Coal River Group and the Rural Appalachian Improvement League, Inc were excellent.

The social enterprise is more high speed low drag with the dropping of the LLC.

If you need clarification or more information on a subject, please contact ASTC and we will try to help you.

Travis Stanley


Appalachia Sustainable Tourism Collaboration, LLC

Where Tourists Become Stakeholders.

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