2-5 year strategic plan for ASTC

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

In November of last year, ASTC first began. Since then a lot of research and outreach has happened. 3 websites were created, a very robust twitter system was created, and a single member LLC was started in January of 2021.

The project so far has not received the support that was projected. Either two things happened.

  1. The marketing program is too sluggish or failing.

  2. We are too far ahead and or stakeholders do not understand or want our vision (A region where tourists become stakeholders.)

After gaining this new insight, we have decided to dissovle the LLC, and make some huge changes with our model and strategic plan.

The following will be paused for the next 2-5 years:

  1. #TEAM. There will not be any Monday tweets about any up coming events and activities.

  2. No Monthly Zoom meetings. However, if a person would like to talk or zoom about something, please ask.

  3. The ASTC Internship program. However, if someone needs some advice about something, please ask

  4. The yearly Hall of Fame write ups at the beginning of the year.

  5. Volunteer programs with ASTC. However, if you need guidance on where to volunteer for hours, please ask.

  6. No opportunities to donate money to ASTC.

  7. No opportunities to adopt an organization.

The following will still be looked at, but will recieve far less focus over the next 2-5 years:

  1. Create Blogs to help stakeholders.

  2. The 5 yearly goals.

  3. Quartlery Sustainablity Reports will be greatly reduced in size.

As a reminder, during this 2-5 year period we will still look after some important aspects.

  1. Helping entrepreneurs get started. However, there will be delays in emails and setting up meetings.

  2. Finding ways to help trip planners in our region, but with a concentration on our Outfitter category. Particularly with Travel Specialists, Tours, Guides (Transporters), and Shuttles.

  3. Improving information on our Stakeholder site to help better inform those who care about tourism development and policy in our region. More attention will be on the Tourism Category to help improve this industry.

Since the overhead for ASTC is so small, the President made the decision to fund the social enterprise with personal income rather than creating revenue streams for the LLC. This has several big advantages.

  1. The President can improve his skills, learn more about the region, and network with stakeholders.

  2. Liability of risk are eliminated.

  3. More time will be spent learning on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for our 5 state service areas, particularly coal country (far eastern KY, far southwestern VA, and southwestern WV.)

  4. More time will pass as the coal country regions further develop their tourism infrastructure. ASTC does not believe it will have enough support and does not want to risk putting assests into the social enterprise when service revenue looks poor.

  5. The Tourism and Stakeholder sites will keep getting better, thus improving the brand of ASTC.

  6. This 2-5 year period gives more time for stakeholders to learn about ASTC and see its potential.

If you have any question, please contact ASTC for further information.

Thank you for reading.

Travis Stanley

Appalachia Sustainable Tourism Collaboration

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