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Updated: May 2

Within a year of becoming a social enterprise we at Appalachia Sustainable Tourism Collaboration have found our biggest market failure to be the huge divide that prevents connecting tourism attractions in Central Appalachia to the global travel population.

The way you connect this divide is by providing a network of Guides, Transporters, Shuttles, and Outfitters so that Travel Consortiums will invest the capital to make touring packages.

Once this is done, Travel Agencies and Travel Agents (Travel Advisors, or Specialists or Travel Designers) will do the middle work to connect tourists to the travel packages.

Some Travel Specialists actually create touring packages from scratch. These services are very important because time is one of the biggest constraints for trip planners.

We would like to focus on a service that does just that. They are called Sharing the Wild-Luxury Travel Designs. Our focus will be on their services page. The owner, Hailey Carter lives in the Greater Roanoke Area and could possible greatly help trip planners in several tourism marketing areas, to include:


Virginia’s Blue Ridge

Virginia Mountains

Blue Ridge Highlands

West Virginia:

New River - Greenbrier Valley

Potomac Highlands

Sharing the Wild-Luxury Travel Designs has a 5 step process:






The Travel Designer who builds trips from scratch needs to spend a lot of time in the Design and Proposal Step. If it’s a two week vacation then it might take days of work. Here is when having a strong network of people and services to provide logistical and personal support greatly improves things. A Travel Agent can string together several touring packages together for this two week window.

A great example is Twin River Outfitters in Buchanan, Virginia. They offer up to 4 nights of camping off the Upper James River.

Sharing the Wild-Luxury Travel Designs provides a package framework to help trip planners. Readers see three package descriptions and a list of Add-Ons.

The first package is very interesting because it applies to many travelers who will visit our 5 state service area. These are ideal for independent-minded travelers who are interested in a single destination.

Organizations like Sharing the Wild-Luxury Travel Designs must be supported so that they do not take the path of least resistance and send trip planners to Disney or a Cruise Ship. Such an example takes the least amount of time to prepare AND offers stable revenue streams. Furthermore, as our regional tourism continues to improve, these Travel Specialists will already have connections with existing Guides and Outfitters. Travel Designers are very important to create more jobs, seasonal hires, and more activities to motivate others to relocate to our region.

We at Appalachia Sustianble Tourism Collaboration have created two websites to support these Travel Designers. Our developing Travel site provides over 65 pages to help design trips. The Stakeholder site provides another way to help tourists connect to people and organizations that have shared values.

We highly recommend that each county or tourism marketing area adopt a Travel Specialist to promote. Their logos should be in magazines, and their contact info on brochures so that busy trip planners can get started. They should be invited to meetings and ribbon cuttings.

Please consider reaching out to Sharing the Wild-Luxury Travel Designs in effort to bring down travel constraints for potential tourists, and to further improve our network to motivate Travel Consortiums to build travel packages within the region.

Thank you for reading.

Travis Stanley


Appalachia Sustainable Tourism Collaboration

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