The Wayne County Area of West Virginia. A Brief Primer on the Nature Based Tourism Potential

Updated: Mar 17


The Appalachia Sustainable Tourism Collaboration has a 112 county general area that we promote. We are exited to present the excellent potential of the Wayne County area.

County Population: ~39,000.

County Seat: Wayne. ~1,000 It’s almost in the center of the state, and closer to the northern area.


The western portions of the county are seperated from KY by water, which is great.

At the towns of Louisa, KY and Fort Gay, WV, the Levisa Fork meets the Tug Fork and they become the Big Sandy River which flows north to the Ohio River.

Most of the county is located in the Ohio River Valley. Huntington is at ~560 feet. The southeastern portion of the county is part of the Allegheny Plateau. Not surprisingly the highest elevation is ~1,570 feet near Wilsondale. Fort Gay is ~580 feet, so getting guests to locations will not be too much of a climb, and the weather will not change too fast.


All mileage and distance measurements will be from Fort Gay, WV (we will explain later).

Take note, if you are new to rural Appalachia, 30 minutes drives are common and not considered a long drive for locals.

Surrounding area: 8 counties and 2 other states. That’s a lot of connectivity!

Boyd County, KY Northwest of the county is Ashland as the county seat.

Lawrence County, KY The county seat (Louisa) borders Wayne county, which is great.

Martin County, KY. Your neighbor to the southwest. No bridge found.

Mingo County, WV. Your neighbor to the south. A bridge is located in Kermit.

Cabell County, WV Most of the Huntington metro is in this county.

Lincoln County, WV Your neighbor to the east.

Logan County, WV A point of this county connects to southeastern Wayne county.

Lawerence County, OH. Across the river and north of Huntington. As of 2022 we have not expanded into Ohio so this premier will neglect this state, but it's important to note this county is apart of the metro population.

Ashland and Huntington is about .7 hours, or 32 miles away. This metro offers a staggering 349,000 population. Because Wayne County is connected to Huntington it will recieve more attention than towns in Kentucky and Ohio. You and Cabell County will be the backyards of Huntington. That actually would be a great logo or slogan for your outfitter or organization. You could network with Cabell county to complement each other with Huntington as the hub. But don’t forget about KY and OH. Remember to complement, not compete.

The state Capital is about 1.5 hours, or 82 miles away. That is excellent for Appalachia. For reference, Lee County, VA is closer to the state capital of S.C. than it is to Richmond.

The Appalachian Regional Commission

“Wayne County, West Virginia is designated as an at-risk county in fiscal year 2022. The maximum ARC match rate for projects funded in this county is 70%. This county has 6 distressed areas in fiscal year 2022.”

This may help you with applying for loans and grants.

Take note: Cabell county is a transitioning County, but the other 7 are either distressed or at risk. It’s rare to have a transitioning county next door in Central Appalachia, so take advantage of this.

Avenue of Approach

It’s Excellent for Appalachia. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, because you are out in the sticks, but you can have global tourists there in less than 2 hours after touchdown. Good luck finding that anywhere else in our 112 county area. Check out our Air Plane page to find the international airports in our region.

Charleston has an International Airport. 1.45 hours, or 84 miles away.

Note, this is huge because International airports offer passport checks (global tourism). This airport just got this designation in late 2021!

Huntington Tri-State Airport. .5 hours, or 25 miles away.

After stopping in Ashland, KY, the Amtrak goes through Huntington. ~.6 hours, or 32 miles away before heading east to the capital. It’s actually about the same time and distance if you pick Ashland or Huntington to get off the train. We aren’t making this up. So it’s like two big cities for the price of one.

There is a Greyhound bus stop in Huntington .6 hours, or 32 miles away.

Ashland has a Greyhound terminal also. You’ve got choices for your trip planners. Lucky you.

I-64 goes through the north tip of the county. Exit 8 is a quick way to get to the county seat, which is .33 hours or 15 miles away (from the exit).

US Route 23 is on the other side of the Big Sandy River (KY) and connects you to Jacksonville, FL, and Michigen.

This road is a 4-lane from Louisa, KY to the north, and goes south as a 4-lane road. Excellent!

US Route 52 does grow through the western portions of the county and can connect you to Charleston, SC, and North Dakota. It is usually a 2-lane road.

There are no Adventure Cycling US Bike routes that go through Wayne county and the surrounding area.

The Great Eastern Trail goes through Mingo County to the south. Granted, not all of the trail is completed.

Overview Conclusion

The Huntington metro will most likely expand south over the next 20 years. We believe the Wayne County area is a buyers market.

The closer you can get to Ashland/Huntington, with a great recreational opportuity specturm, with a 4 lane highway, and organizations to collaborate with, the better. The Louisa, Ky / Fort Gay, WV complex appears to be the point that would generate the best place for a base of operations. We recommend the Fort Gay side because Huntington will provide all kinds of free advertisement and marketing for you. Remember, Ashland is not in Lawrence county.

Tourism Potential


WV has done a lot of heavy lifting with the Hatfield McCoy Trails. All enterprises must capitalize on the Hatfield McCoy Trails in some capacity. Two examples are the cabins and Outfitters that keep growing.

Charleston has decided that Wayne County is part of the Hatfield-McCoy Mountains tourism district. Wise choice. Your trail will be found inside the Cabwaylingo State Forest, which is unique, because the Hatfield McCoy Tourism Authority, and the State Parks are responsible for its use. More Collaboration! Guess what? The recreational opportunity spectrum is very diverse because it is made to handle Land Cruisers and Jeeps. We aren't making this up. See our Motor Category to discover more.

Vehicle rental potential looks great. Louisa, KY actually has a SXS rental place there! 41 minutes from the Ivy Branch Trail. All signs point to the Fort Gay area of Wayne County.

Kentucky will soon start creating their own SXS trails.

There is an Outfitter in Louisa, KY that you can collaborate with! They are strong with fishing, and offer kayak rentals.

Surrounding Anchor Points

Williamson is just south of the county, which is 1 hour, or 49 miles away.

Just outside Williamson is The Buffalo Mountain Trail which is 1 hour, or 52 miles away.

This trail focuses more on single track. More opportunities!

In Logan County there is the Chief Logan State Park 1.33 hours, or 65 miles away.

Matewan is 1.33 hours, or 62 miles away. Please go by this small town to see how they have embraced tourism.

Thanks to the Big Sandy River, you have a strong anchor point with Louisa, KY the county seat of Lawrence. This is a 11 minute walk or .5 miles away on the other side of the bridge which connects to Fort Gay, WV.

Nature Based Tourism

You have the large Beech Fork Lake Wildlife Management Area .6 hours, or 26 miles.

East Lynn Lake Wildlife Management Area is 1.5 hours, or 30 miles away.

The Cabwaylingo State Park is .66 hours, or 30 miles, and is a huge asset due to the lodging.

The Big Ugly Wildlife Management Area to the east is in Lincoln County. 1.5 hours, or 57 miles away.

Note the size of these large green blobs on the map. Lots of potential for ecotourism.

There is not any federal public domain land (National Forests or Parks) in the Wayne County area. That is ok, because Charleston keeps showing that they are committed to improving their State Parks and Forests.

Just to the west, Kentucky has the 4 best spots to go whitewater rafting.

2 are real close.

Grayson Lake State Park is just a tick over an hour away, or 41 miles.

The John Flannagan Dam is 2.2 hours, or 107 miles away. This actually has class 4 and 5 rapids around October of every year.

The Big Sandy River should be mostly calm, but the Tug Fork should offer more adventure after a hard rain.

To the NW is the Draganfly Outdoor Adventures is 1 hour, or 47 miles away (Greenup County, KY).

Looking west into KY. The Yatesville Lake State Park is just .25 hours, or 10 miles away.

Looking SW, Paintsville Lake State Park is .5 hours, or 31 miles away. And Paintsville, KY has a population of ~4,000, and has grown over the last 10 years. The US Route 23 can get you there very quickly thanks to being a 4 lane road. It is .6 hours, or 31 miles away.

If you become a location that offers information for adventures deep in the sticks you will need to know your area well, specifically what Search & Rescue Teams to network with, and where advanced medical treatment can be found.

See our Search & Rescue and Trauma Care page for a more detailed list.