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Information to Consider Before Supporting ASTC

ASTC provides information on this site and entrepreneur consultations for no charges.  

We look to our guiding principles for an explanation.  

One of the guiding principles of ASTC is to help tourists make more informed decisions.  Another guiding principle is connecting and energizing stakeholders.  Not requiring fees for access on this site gives tourists and stakeholders complete confidence they are receiving the most relevant up to date and available information that can be provided. 

Our guiding principle of revitalizing rural Appalachia while preserving small town character

prevents us from creating financial hurdles for those who are motivated. 

Financial Support can be as,

Credit card (visa check card)



In person

Wix Payments:

ASTC uses "Wix Payments" as a way to make our online transactions.   

Wix has a processing fee of 2.9% of the transaction amount, plus $0.30.

ASTC has found this to be the industry average. 

ASTC is currently using the Wix Bookings system to make this transaction.  The date you pick your financial support helps us with a time stamp to better track your contribution.    


PayPal is on option during the check out process on Wix Payments.

Personal Check:

At the end of each Wix payment process, there is the option to pay with a check (address is given).  If you would rather skip the online portion and write a check, that is fine.

Please make checks payable to:



Appalachia Sustainable Tourism Collaboration, LLC

Please send checks to:

Appalachia Sustainable

Tourism Collaboration, LLC

PO Box 489

Nora, VA 24272

After providing financial support, please complete our stakeholder form and let us know how we can better serve the region. 

Sales Revenue:

Financial support is considered sales revenue for ASTC.  

Our LLC filing is located in West Virginia, so 6% of your contribution will go there.

We picked the Mountain State from the other four states for three reasons:

1.  All 55 counties are in the Appalachian Regional Commission.

2.  In the future, our service area will reach the capital, Charleston.

3.  West Virginia connects southern Appalachia to northern Appalachia.

Your Financial support may be given anonymously or you may have your name/organization on our Hall of Fame.

Note:  ASTC is not a 501(c) charitable nonprofit.  Your cash contribution cannot be deducted from your taxes.  

Please go to Charity Navigator to better understand how to take advantage of the tax deductible abilities of a nonprofit.


Our Revenue
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