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Travis Stanley


I'm from Roanoke City, Virginia and was born in the closing months of the 70s. 

The number 1 song in America when I was born was, "Ring My Bell."  So from time to time I'll be asking for more cow bell.  I created ASTC.  

My roots come from Dickenson County and Franklin County, Virginia.

See Resume.




I have been a lot of things over the decades.  

       Tiger                                              Major                                                           Colonel


       Highlander                                        Sailor                                                 Grizzly Bear


I was very fortunate to have been born after V-J Day 1945 on planet Earth.  My luck continued when I was born on a highly developed country on the North American continent.  On a global scale, many of my peers never made it past 5 years of age, or learned to read.  So, I'm grateful for the hard work my ancestors put in which has allowed me to have a very educated and soft life.  Because of my plush life, everyday I do things to harden my body and mind to prevent myself form becoming doughy, thus preserving the legacy of my elders.  

The events that really started leading me towards creating ASTC, LLC happened in early 2013.

I had just 9 months left on my 6 year enlistment in the World's Finest Navy and I was looking at ways to travel.  I was looking at vehicles and then I remembered that I could ride a motorcycle (it had been 15 years), and after some research I liked the minimalist foot print it offered.  Faster than a bicycle, more accessible than a car.  

The following year, I bought a brand new Suzuki DR650 to go travel North America.  I decided to stay in the lower 48 states.  From Jan-Nov,  I went on three trips and traveled to many states and put over 23,000 miles on my new motorcycle.  During these travels I become more interested in tourism.


In late 2014 I learned of the Mt. Adams Institute which is partnered with AmeriCorps.  They were doing a Military Veteran internship for a 10.5 month program with the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests, and the Virginia Regional Office of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.   

The internship lasted from May 2015-March 2016.  I was able to learn the fundamentals of trail work, and learn more about national resource use and collaboration. 

Please look over this blog I wrote while there. 

I also became a life time member of the Mt. Rogers Appalachian Trail Club.

In 2016 I moved to Abingdon, VA. 

In 2017 after putting in some applications for tourism in the area and failing to get a job, I decided to use my ace in the hole, the Post 9/11 GI Bill.  Before using the generous benefits I went to the very friendly Virginia Highlands Community College in Abingdon and paid out of pocket for some prerequisites in business. 

It is always good to network with new people and learn from different perspectives, so in the Spring of 2018 I moved out west to attend the pride of Montana, the University of Montana (UM).  My first stop was Helena where I joined the Montana Conservation Corps for the summer.  This was a great primer to better understand the region, and it allowed me to give back through community service, which is a Guiding Principle of ASTC.





The Fall Semester of 2018 I enrolled in the W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservationand studied Parks Tourism and Recreation Management. I also studied nonprofit administration and business, because of my interest in economic development in Appalachia. 

This two year period in Montana was very good to me because it helped me gain humility due to the heavy interpersonal activity and self reflection.    

In the summer of 2020, I completed a 400 hour internship with the Clinch Ranger District of the George Washington & Jefferson National Forests.  I completed trail asset inventory on nearly all of the trails and inputted the data on a software program.  During the long hikes, I decided to become a social entrepreneur.

In December of 2020 I earned my BS in Recreation Management:  Parks, Tourism & Rec Management, MAGNA CUM LAUDE. 

Beginning September 2021, Travis will take temporary jobs as per the 2-4 year strategic plan.  The duration will be 100 days -12 months inside the general 121 county service area to network, improve skills, learn about the potential, and fund the social enterprise.  

My first temporary job came in the Fall with the Southern Appalachian Wilderness Stewards.

I was apart of a hard working 11 person Crew in the Tellico Ranger District of the Cherokee National Forest.  The trail was right next to the Bald River Falls Parking lot, and is an approach trail for the Bald River Gorge Wilderness.  We actually had a University of Montana and a Montana State University Alum as apart of the Crew.  How about that? 


760 ft² crib wall constructed 

53 rock steps built 

68 ft² rock paving  installed

The US National Forest presented us with the National Wilderness Award for 2022.

"Traditional Skills and Minimum Tool Leadership Award"




My second seasonal job (2022) was with Twin River Outfitters in Buchanan, VA.

Please consider reading this blog to learn more.

Twin River Outfitters (Buchanan, VA). Review

Please consider going to the Travis Stanley Introduction sub-forum to ask me any questions.

Thanks again for visiting.

Travis Stanley,


Appalachia Sustainable Tourism Collaboration 

Travis Stanley's Resume:


Objective:  To obtain temporary full-time or part-time employment in hopes of helping improve nature based tourism development in the mountains of KY, NC, TN, VA, WV.



B.S.  Parks Tourism and Recreation Management.  Nov 2020

G.P.A. 3.8.  University of Montana.  Missoula, MT


B.S.  Exercise, Sport, and Health Education.  May 2004 

G.P.A. 3.6.  Radford University.  Radford, VA



American Red Cross Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR.  Exp:  Aug 2025

NOLS Wilderness First Aid.  Exp:  April 2025

Leave No Trace, Trainer Course, Fall of 2019



Shuttle Driver--River Host with Twin River Outfitters.  2022-2023

Learned about a high volume recreational river business model.

Improved knowledge of kayaks, canoes, and tubes.

Improved skills in driving vehicles with trailers.

Learned about class 1-3 rapids and river conditions. 

Trail Crew Member for the 2021 Fall Season with the Southern Appalachian Wilderness Stewards.

Improved trail building skills with a concentration in stone work by helping put in 50 rock steps.  

Learned about recreational opportunities in the Tellico Ranger District of the Cherokke National Forest.

Networked with SAWS staff and fellow Trail Crew Members.  

Appalachia Sustainable Tourism Collaboration.  Feb 2021

Founder and President of Social Enterprise  

Self starter who created enterprise from scratch

Future operations will offer made from scratch trip planning

Creating a database of Guides, and Travel Agents to help trip planners

Daily improving knowledge of tourism opportunities in the region


Clinch Ranger District of the George Washington & Jefferson National Forests  

400 hour College Internship June-Sep. 2020  

Hiked nearly all of the 22 trails in the District and conducted asset inventory

Captured 1,400 trail structures, points of interests, and resource coordinates

Put 1,400 GPS coordinates into ArcGIS attribute tables

Understands the strengths, weakness, and potential of the trails on the District


Montana Conservation Corps.  Veterans Green Corps.  May-Aug.  2018

Safety Officer on Chainsaw Crew that spent multiple days in the field

  Attended Wildland FireFighter School in the Helena National Forest

Improved camping skills while staying at primitive locations for days at a time

AmeriCorps/US Forest Service/Appalachian Trail Conservancy.  May 2015- March 2016

Onboarded volunteers for the Konnarock Trail Crew

Learned essential skills on trail maintenance and the use of tools               

Coordinated and led work hikes on the AT with Virginia Tech students  


Carilion Wellness Center Roanoke, Personal Trainer (2014-2016)

Developed individualized exercise programs for various fitness levels

Taught exercises to improve body mechanics and functional daily living skills

Reevaluated exercise programs based upon individual results


United States Navy, Hospital Corpsman (2007-2013)

Operation Enduring Freedom, Combat Medic, Afghanistan

22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, Combat Medic

Humanitarian Aid Mission, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Pacific Partnership 2012, USNS T-AH-19 Mercy, Intensive Care Unit



Certificate of Appreciation from the Cherokee National Forest for stone work on the Bald River Trail.  2021

Created Appalachia Sustainable Tourism Collaboration, LLC (Social Enterprise)

3 cross country motorcycle trips on Suzuki DR650 that totaled 166 days.  2014

Combat Action Ribbon, Operation Enduring Freedom.  2011

Outstanding Major Award, VA Association for Health Physical Ed Rec and Dance.  2003               


Community volunteering:

            Revitalizing rural Appalachia by informing tourists and stakeholders



Create a network of outdoor tourism vendors for travel agents to call upon

Motivating stakeholders that we can host global tourists 12 months a year

Aid entrepreneurs with their startups with constructive feedback and strategic planning 

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