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Volunteer Program

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@ASTC_LLC Twitter List on Volunteering

ASTC Volunteer Program


1.  It helps tourists become stakeholders.

2.  It helps build coalitions and influence ASTC with their vision.

3.  ASTC brings forth a holistic approach that focuses on a diversified economy.  

4.  It helps students discover a future career field.  

For the first half of 2021 (July) ASTC will spend little time in the field.  We are currently making our website and social media platforms more robust.

Volunteers would spend most of their time finding online sources to make the Tourism and Stakeholder sites improved.  Because ASTC is new for 2021 and just getting started, there is the potential for you to really leave your mark with us.  There are opportunities to really get in depth with our categories and topics on our Tourism and Stakeholder sites.      


You do not need to live in our general 5 state service area, you just need to care. 

There will be a weekly 30 minute Volunteer Zoom meeting that you are welcomed to attend.  


Advantages with Volunteering with ASTC  

Make your own schedule, and work at your own pace.   


Our Volunteer Program is excellent for those who are looking to learn about human dimensions, economic development with a concentration in tourism, and policy formation.      

Your name on the ASTC Personnel Page.  From this page you will have a link to your own page on ASTC.  Here you can promote yourself with links.

Your name, organization, and hours will be on the ASTC Contributors page.     

If ASTC is satisfied with your volunteer efforts, you will have access to the Hall of Fame.  These are annual.  Your link can be edited years from now.   

If you have a handicap that may one day place you as a unqualified applicant in future job applications, ASTC will do their best to help you get experience in your chosen field so that we can prove it can be done.   


Career Interests and ASTC

Excellent Compatibility

Marketing/Advertising/Branding.  ASTC will spend much of their first 12 months working on this.  Help stakeholders with their brand.   

Journalism.  Conducting interviews with tourists and stakeholders. Helping with Press Releases.  Create the foundation of the ASTC Newsletter.  Recording and producing videos.

Natural Resource Conservation.  Developing Trail Crew/s on Public Domain Land.  

Outdoor Recreation Planning.  Visit community meetings and help citizens with policy formation, implementation, and management.   

Appalachian Studies.  Conduct research and network with people to help tourists and stakeholders be more informed.    

Economic Development, with a concentration on Nature Based Tourism. 

Vacation planning and trip planning.  Help potential tourists plan their epic vacation.

ecommerce.  Become a moderator on the Tourism and Stakeholder websites and learn how to use the wix system for building and maintaining a website, with sales revenue generation.  Become a moderator on the ASTC blogs and forums to create the best atmosphere for all.

Public Administration.  Learn how to recruit, onboard, lead, and retain volunteers by offering a value exchange that money can't buy.  ASTC considers themselves Onboarding Specialists.   


Good Compatibility


Business Management.  Strategic Planning.  Value Innovation.  ASTC is a Entrepreneur Incubator. 

Economic Development, with a concentration on Hospitality and Tourism.

Tourism Planning.  Visit community meetings and help citizens with policy formation, implementation, and management.  

Business Management Information Systems.  Develop soft skills and consultation skills. 

Rural Community Revitalization.  Work with Mayors and other stakeholders on projects.  ASTC has an Adopt an Organization Program for distressed counties and areas in the ARC.

International Business.  Help businesses prepare for international tourists as tourism continues to develop in rural Appalachia.  Research and predict global market trends, and diffuse culture shock.

See our Twitter List on Global Travel Networking. 

Satisfactory Compatibility

Business Management and Leadership.  ASTC does not have any employees. 


Outdoor Recreation Leadership.  ASTC will not be a guide or lead work hikes for 2021.  

Business Management Information Systems.  ASTC does not focus on Hardware and Software.

Public Administration.  Aid communities with public (government) policy formation meetings.  Help stakeholders improve their job skills and find jobs in the Tourism Service Industry. 


Economic Development, with a concentration on Industry.  Help create a diversified economy.    

Environmental Studies.  Analyze the sustainably of various nature based tourism ventures.  Conduct scientific research on natural resources.  Network with Scientists.     

Economical Studies.  Look for trends in economic development (industry and or service) in our region over the next 20 years.  Network with Public Administrators.  

Social Studies.  Look for trends in shifting demographics in our region over the next 20 years.  Create more access to heath care and wellness facilities in the region.  Network with Social Workers.



Poor Compatibility

Logistics.  Human Resources.  Big Data Analytics (ASTC does not collect information).  Accounting.  Sales.   

Volunteer Guidelines Include  

Optional 30 minute weekly review conversations.  This can be on zoom or in person.

Present 1-4 goals you wish to achieve while with ASTC.

Prompt feedback to ASTC to make sure you are happy with us while volunteering.

Support Adopted Organizations that fit in with your specific goals and vision.

Tell ASTC your future goals so that we can best maximize your time.

Get out of your comfort zone and improve your weaknesses.  

Become an Online-Member to get started!




ASTC Volunteer Program
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