What ASTC Provides

Our mission is to help create sustainable high quality experiences for tourists.

In order for our vision to become a reality, we must help transform tourists into stakeholders.

ASTC will endeavor to help the following:


1.  Help potential tourists with their trip planning goals with online collaboration.  

See our Trip Planning page.   

2.  Connect tourists to services and localities in order to facilitate more supply, and reduce costs for all.  We have over 50 topics to look over, each one with their own unique calendar.  

See our Tourism Events & Activities site.

Our @astctour Twitter feed, has over 50 topics to help tourists find their destination.

Our Tourism Twitter Info Index has several lists, and even accounts by state.  

Once you become an online Member, we can start up your own Tourism Group to help you network and find more destinations.  Just request your own Group and we will make it so.

3.  Enable tourists to provide feedback with trip reports and service reviews.

See our Blog page.

See our Tourists Sub-Forum.  


4.  Connect stakeholders across states lines to reduce competition, inform tourists, and reduce expenses for all.  We have over 25 topics to look over.

See our Stakeholder page.  

5.  Facilitate career development for the hospitality and tourism sector.  Use the Menu bar to explore the Education and Training opportunities on the ASTC Stakeholder site.

6. One of our 2021 goals is to become an Entrepreneur Incubator in our service area.  

We provide free consultation to entrepreneurs to help with organizational model synthesis and strategic planning.

See our ASTC social outings calendar and the web meeting portal to talk with someone from ASTC. 

7.  Provide opportunities for stakeholders to support and sponsor an organization in a distressed county of our Appalachia region.

See our Adopt an Organization page.

Become a online Member and begin networking on our Stakeholder Sub-Forum.

Once you become a online Member, we can start up your own Group to help you network.



8.  Increase grassroots empowerment and diffuse the concentration of political power to allow a more democratic process, greater buy-in, and better implementation, and later sound management of policy that improves tourism experiences, environmental stability, a diversified economy, and the revitalizing of rural Appalachia while preserving small town character. 


Please go to our Policy category on our Stakeholder site to learn more.  

9.  A fair voice of reason with no group think or hidden agendas.  Our Guiding Principles and Core Values enable us to have the patience to learn the content of a person's character as we help create dialogue that starts with listening and understanding many different visions, and ends with everyone's piece of the pie getting bigger.


Appalachia Sustainable Tourism Collaboration, LLC would like to be known as a fair organization that identifies market failures and then finds pragmatic solutions to eliminate them.  

See our goals for 2021.  

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