Who We Serve

Trip Planners, Tourists, Stakeholders 


Trip Planners

These are people who are researching a trip, or who might be hours away from departing on a once in a life time experience.  A major purpose of ASTC is to make sure tourists receive feedback on their trip planning questions and concerns.  

Here is where the collaboration comes in and you.  We use flicker, YouTube, and Twitter to help trip planners.  Please consider supporting your communities' twitter page that is dedicated to tourism.   

Please see our Trip Planning page to plan your next vacation.




These are travelers who are currently on vacation.

If you are looking for information on the fly, please view our Twitter Tourism Info Index.


Our Tourism Events & Activities page has links to Guides who can help.

After your trip, consider writing a trip report as a blog.



Someone who cares or has an interest in our service area is a Stakeholder.   

The following are such examples:

Being a resident of a community

Owning land

Owning a business

A steward of the community

An Entrepreneur who want to capitalize on a market failure and or improve society

A tourists who has made a connection with the landscape and or culture

A person from the other side of the world who has never visited a place and just cares 

A stakeholder is someone who cares.  Never turn away someone who cares.    

Please see our Stakeholder page for more information and opportunities. 

Also, create a free online Member profile to contribute to the stakeholder forums and begin networking.