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2023 Goals

Our mission is to help create sustainable high quality experiences for tourists.

For our vision to become a reality, we must have yearly goals that focus on the three elements of sustainability which are, Environment, Economy, and Society.

2021 Goals

Our 2022 Goals are the same for 2023

For 2023, We Have Four Goals 

Logo Competition

Trail Crew/Crews Formation

Focus Travel Agencies towards region 

Entrepreneur Incubator

ASTC Logo Competition

Allow stakeholders to submit their ASTC Logo in hopes of it becoming the brand.

ASTC will pick the best 5 and then allow the public to vote.  The logo with the most votes wins.

The creator's name/organization will go on the Hall of Fame and Sponsors page, and they will receive plank owner status with ASTC.  They will also have the option to Adopt an Organization for 12 months.


There will be no money reward.  

Only one Logo may be presented per organization.  

Individuals may present up to 3.

If you are interested in submitting a logo, 

Here is our flicker group page to share your logo. 

Or please complete our stakeholder form.

Please check out the Logo Gallery.​

Environment.  The logo should capture the true landscape of the region.  This means rolling hills and not peaks.  There should be water involved due to the large amounts of rain on this side of the continent.  This logo will capture the true authenticity of our region and help ASTC with the vision of transforming tourists into stakeholders.  

Economy.  This competition format will allow any person or organization to submit a logo and compete with respectable marketing firms.  This is a classic example of the deflationary effects of Business Management Information Systems.  The little guy can produce at the same level as the big guy, and get the recognition.  And a third party spends less money.   

Society.  This approach to finding a Logo allows everyone to participate.  This will increase equity and motivate others that ASTC likes input from people who care.  Remember, never turn away someone who cares.

There are five states involved, so please keep this in mind.

Help Facilitate a Regional Trail Crew/s


The Trail Crew would work on trails on Federal Public Domain Land.  Many of these lands do not have a dedicated Trail Crew to improve or even maintain the nation's trails.  There is no Trial Crew run by Federal Employees, so there is indeed a market failure here.  The golden age (1960s/1970s) of lavish spending on recreation on the USFS started to come to an end as fires in the west progressively got worst after the 1990s, and more grid lock in D.C. 

However, there is new hope with the Great American Outdoors Act passed in 2020.    

Environment.  Sustainable trails have the least amount of impact on the forest ecology.

Economy.  Improvements on the quality of the outdoor tourism experience will create return visits and positive reviews on social media.  This will also create interests in careers in Natural Resource Management as a Trail Coordinator/Trail Crew Leader in the private sector.  

Society.  Trail Crews will create more stakeholders who have a interest in the management of trails.  You will allow more people to go outside when you lead work hikes and improve their hard skills and help them network with others.

Please see our Trail Crew Information page for more details. 

Focus Travel Agencies towards our region

Although some locations in our service area are not ready for "prime time," many places are.  More importantly, we must network and collaborate with Travel Agencies now while more and more locations reach their potential as the decade progresses.

Throughout the year the president of ASTC will explore how to get moreTravel Agents to look towards sending local and global tourits to Central Appalachia. 

Environment.  At first glance this would seem that there would be more impacts on the land scape.  However, some Travel Agencies can focus on tourism packages that allow ecotourism and voluntourism to actuallly improve the landscape.  Furthermore, Travel Agents can create tourism packages that help find hidden events and activites that can help spread out impacts.  Lastly, some touring packages may focus on interperative guides who help tourists learn how to leave no trace on the environment.    

Economy.  Foreign sales revenue will be injected into state and counties which is the best kind.  

Once entrepreneurs see the high returns in these packages, more Outfitter Guide organizations will be created to capitalize on the situation.  Large industrial companies will be more attracted to rural areas because their employees will have more activites to do on the weekends.  Improved branding with various ninches will accelerate.  For example, ecotourism, voluntourism, adventure tourism, vehicle rentals...      

Society.  Once we get high quality V.I.P. tourism packages created, a snow ball effect will occur.

This will result in dozens of high paying jobs (that can support a family) and the synthesis of new tourism businessess.  Furthermore, it will greatly help individuals and employers to take the next step in relocating to our region.  High quality tourism packages will help people from all over the world to connect to the landscape and culture of Appalachia.    

For more information on this goal, please read the following blogs: 

State Capitals in Coal Country should consider spearheading the creation of tourism packages

Bridging the Gap between Travel Agents and Tourists in Coal Country

Rangers to help bridge the gap between Rural Towns and Federal Public Domain Lands

Travel Specialists to help create unique traveling experiences for tourists

Expand guided tourism services throughout Coal Country

Transporters bring down barriers that prevent Tourists from going on vacations in Coal Country

Entrepreneur Incubator  

Our focus will be on the hospitality and tourism side of the service industry.   

Environment.  Natural Resource Conservation is one of our guiding principles.  ASTC hopes to be a positive influence and help new organizations start out with sustainable models.  One thing we are looking into now are certifications.  Please see our thoughts on sustainable tourism certifications.    

Economy.  ASTC hopes to help new organizations that complement our cultural and natural resources.  High quality hospitality and tourism organizations will generate more services to attract tourists. 

There are many positive side effects to this.  Some are new families and retirees relocating to the region, and a greater likelihood of industry manufactures doing business in rural Appalachia. 


Please read over what ASTC is exited about to learn more about the potential.   

Society.  Many consumers and citizens are looking for more transparency and sustainability from organizations.  We hope to help entrepreneurs create models that allow tourists to become stakeholders.  This will create a better value exchange and help people become more connected.   

Please see our Entrepreneur Incubator page for more details.   


If you have any recommendations for these 4 goals, please complete our stakeholder form.

In Autumn, ASTC will debut the 5 goals for the following year.  Complete the stakeholder form to give us ideas!

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